New Energy Vehicle

        The New Energy Automobiles industry is going to make big advancements with additive manufacturing through more efficient, on-demand, lightweight components and environmentally friendly materials, answering to diverse requirements and field functions. HopeFellows Direct Manufacturing has a history of meeting high quality standards and acutely understands the need for critical, tailored battery products and solutions. Competitive new energy car companies are turning to our die casting and stamping services. We can help you identify solutions for your complex part design and choice suitable material.

        With the rapid growth of new energy automotive industry, HopeFellows increases input strength to look for the lighter, the thicker, higher strength, corrosion resistant industry solutions. Starting from the material, structure, coating, HopeFellows has been successfully developed from die-casting, electroplating, CNC machining, stamping and a series of surface treatment technology, to achieve a large-scale production and low-cost manufacturing solution. HopeFellows has become an important package battery and radiator supplier for BYD and Yutong Bus.