Our Factory

4 Wholly-Owned Factorys

        Multi-plant strategies help us recruit highly skilled technical workers and experienced engineers, Fully use of different industry park’s supply chain and supporting resource. Flexible assign producing task, making delivery in time possible.

DongGuan New factory

  • Factory address:Dongguan
  • Factory area: 35000㎡
  • Main products:1.Aluminum,Zinc,Magnesium high precision die casting part with CNC and other surface treatment services.
  • With 2500 Ton of diecasting machines, 150 set of CNC machines and surface treatment workshop. auxiliary with industrial robot and automatic tape transmitter.
  • Capacity:Die casting 10 million a month. Cutting metal parts more than 30 million /month.

ShenZhen Hafond Technology Co.,ltd

  • Factory address:ShenZhen
  • Factory area: 2550 ㎡
  • Equipment: 183 set
  • Main products:CNC machining center、lathe、automatic lathes, metal materials cutting milling process, stamping .
  • Capacity: more than 1 million pieces a month.

DongGuan Harand Hardware Technology Co.,ltd.

  • Factory address:DongGuan
  • Factory area: 13700㎡
  • Equipment: 303 set
  • Main products:1.Aluminum、Zinc、Magnesium die casting part. 2.CNC machining center、CNC lathe machining、metal materials cutting milling process.
  • Capacity:Die casting 1 million pieces a month. Cutting parts more than 500 thousands pieces a month.

Hunan Hafond Technology Co.,ltd.

  • Factory address:Guiyang,Hunan.
  • Factory area: 17446 ㎡
  • Equipment: 219 set
  • Main products:1.Aluminum die casting part. 2. CNC machining center、CNC lathe machining、Stamping,metal materials cutting/milling process.
  • Capacity:Die casting 800 thousands pieces a month. Cutting metal parts more than 650 thousands pieces a month.