Advanced Engineering And Mold Design
  • Our engineers work closely with customers from the start to production. We will analyze your product design for castable geometry and help optimize the application goals.
  • The use of latest computer technologies enables our engineers to create accurate tooling and present computer-analyzed images to customers.
  • With the aid of die casting simulation software, we can predict casting results to avoid large trapped gas and shrinkage during solidification and minimize porosity.
  • Our ability to deploy the correct tooling for complicated geometry, tight tolerance and high density guarantees customers’ success in their products.
Our Advantages In Engineering
  • Teamworks
  • CAD technologies CAD
  • Product design assistance
  • Reliable engineered solutions
  • prototype model before starting production
  • Reverse engineering- comes with existing part
  • Tooling design/modification of existing mold
  • Casting flow simulation