Communications Equipment

        Communications is one of the fastest-evolving industries around the world. Consequently, communications equipment companies must continually focus on innovation just to keep pace. Our capabilities include responsive CNC machining and Die Casting services that are tailored to the unique manufacturing requirements of communications equipment industry companies of all types and sizes. Whether you’re involved in the antenna, communication line or communication base station, we can work with you to produce the custom parts and components you need for telecommunications services provider.

        HopeFellows has become key supplier of Mobi antenna, Grentech, SUNSEA, Comba, HUAWEI and other well-known communications equipment enterprises. Especially in 4G communications base station sector. Such as Oscillator, filter and lightning rod.
        HopeFellows starts with small orders, gradually involved in the communications equipment manufacturing, helping clients design and improve products, shorten the product development cycle, reduce production costs, help communications equipment manufacturers to obtain communications operators purchase orders.